Dispensers for Safe Water are a proven, innovative, and low-cost approach to increasing rates of household chlorination.  

  • Chlorine disinfects drinking water against most bacteria including those causing cholera while protecting water from recontamination. 
  • Chlorinating water also means that people do not need to boil their water to disinfect it, saving time and natural resources.


  • Currently serving nearly 4 million people. 
  • Active in Kenya, Malawi, and Uganda.
  • Includes a sustained water service: Dispenser hardware, community education, and a regular supply of chlorine.
  • Ongoing maintenance is provided by an elected community ‘promoter’ who encourages use of the dispenser, reports any problems, and refills the dispenser with chlorine.
  • Usage and functionality of all dispensers is closely monitored by Evidence Action field workers who deliver chlorine on motor bikes, and track issues with mobile phones. 
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