Deworm the
World Initiative

Deworm the
World Initiative

Worm infections lead to anemia and malnourishment. Over 600 million school-age children are at risk of being infected with parasitic worms, but only 35% of them are treated.


Mass treatment at schools is universally recognized as a safe, simple and cost-effective solution.

Deworming impacts education and future health. Rigorous evaluations showed that students in the treatment group have 4% more total years of schooling and 6% higher likelihood of reporting being in “very good” health as young adults.

We help governments begin and grow quality treatment programs at the state and national level: rigorous teacher training, monitoring and reporting. With a total per child cost of less than $0.50 per year, mass school-based deworming is listed as a “best buy” in both education and health.

The Deworm the World Initiative and our government partners served 35 million children last year.

More Information
Deworming program overview
Evaluation stages
Bihar program
Delhi program
Kenya program
Rajasthan program

External Resources
Initial evidence for school-based deworming
Longitudinal study on long-term impacts
J-PAL’s brief on deworming

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